I love stories, especially ones that requires cartography. Over the years, I’ve made a handful of maps. Some are based on stories I’ve created, and others on books and legends. Here are some of my favorites, all done in different mediums.


Map done in Gouache and ink

Whenever I read a book with a strong sense of place, I take detailed notes about place names and where everything is located. I can’t tell you how fun it is to compile all of those written bits into something visual. The above map depicts the magical world Robin McKinley created in Spindle’s End. The four corner animals are the protagonist’s friends.

A land I created called Centaurlot, done in pencil

King Arthur's Britain, done in watercolor

I’m a great enthusiast for the tales of King Arthur, and it was great fun to plop the legendary places onto a map… Logres, Pict Land, Arroy, Gore, Cornwall, Saxon Land, Corbenic, Benoic, Joyous Guard, not to mention Camelot. My friends and I even invented a few new places that we wrote our own stories about.

My own creation, a fairy tale land called Faecleir, done in colored pencil