Introducing Melinda

I have created a new paper doll, and her name is Melinda Mink! Just for the holidays, her first set of paper clothes is inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas. By the way, she also has a pet corgi named Douglas, and he too comes with changeable collars. Everything was painted in acrylic.

Melinda First Page

Melinda and Douglas bases

I have always been fond of the Twelve Days of Christmas carol, because its imagery is amazing. A partridge in a pear tree! Five Gold Rings! Nine Ladies dancing! Ten Lords a Leaping! What a feast for the eyes. Perhaps I think so fondly of it because of my childhood favorite Golden Book illustrated by Sheilah Beckett.

page one

Partridge through swans

The Partridge in a pear tree, as important as it is, starts small as Melinda’s purse. The two turtle doves are represented by a pair of shoes. Three French hens translated into a beret. Four colly birds have manifested themselves as a skirt (colly means coal-colored, thus black birds, and not “calling” as I always thought). Five Gold Rings are present on a gold chain over a black sweater. Six geese-a-laying are part of a goose-down jacket. Seven Swans-a-swimming have found themselves on a dress.

page two

Maids-a-milking, Ladies dancing, and Lords-a-leaping

Now we enter into more complete ensembles as the numbers grow. For eight maids-a-milking, Melinda has a peasant dress and milkmaid hair extensions she can wear. Nine ladies dancing are embroidered onto a ballerina dress. Ten lords-a-leaping almost stumped me… what does a leaping lord wear exactly? I decided on a cape and some buckle boots. I enjoyed researching androgynous fashion… perhaps in the future I will make a set for Mel that is a collection of androgynous clothing.

Page three

Pipers piping and drummers drumming

The last page is taken up by only two days… the eleven pipers piping, represented by a Scottish bagpiper tartan collection. And my personal favorite is Twelve Drummers Drumming, in which Melinda has a Majorette jacket, sailor shorts and a drum to beat. Of course, all of these paper fashions could be mixed and combined and there are a few extra bottoms and shoes to make complete outfits. She also comes with a handful of paper gifts to give. The set is offered on my etsy. I expect to make more collections for Melinda, as well as creating some friends for her. Happy Holidays!