Knotzland Bowties

My paintings are now on a wearable accessory! I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a handmade bowtie business called Knotzland. Founder Nisha Blackwell creates unique, environmentally-friendly bowties using re-purposed fabric, such as textile samples, remnants and even reusable bags. She also works with artists to create collections. I recently completed a series of handpainted fabrics which have been turned into awesome bowties.

My paintings for this collection were inspired by the California Gold Rush, as an homage to my home state and an interesting time in history. I wanted to channel the Wild West and incorporate a rustic charm.


Gold was a great theme to work with, whether I was painting clusters of gold nuggets (or is it Fool’s Gold?), or getting more abstract…


Gold and metallic paint figured into a lot of the fabrics. I also explored patterning. Painting directly on fabric was a different process for me. Sometimes colors would bleed through the back of the fabric and looked intriguing enough to be featured on the front of the tie.


My theme morphed into painting stylized water, thinking of the continual water issues in the region. And on the theme of gold, I painted California golden poppies…


As well as painting the fabric, I learned how to sew the ties and assemble them. Deciding on the middle piece of the tie is the most difficult part… the middle is that centerpiece that really defines the tie.



If you would like a bowtie fit for a prospecting forty-niner, they are for sale on the Knotzland website. I also recommend checking out the other artist collections, as well as the signature collection. Be on the lookout for new arrivals of my ties!