A presentation of training materials showing a cybersecurity case study
Cybersecurity Fundamentals for University Professors
This project was developed for an Introduction to Instructional Design course. Here was the frame for the project: I worked on a team to create a training proposal for a (hypothetical) U.S. government initiative funding cybersecurity training for university faculty. The client asked for content about privacy, phishing and device security.

Phishing Job Aid
I created this job aid as part of the training proposal.
This serves as a graphic checklist for what to do if you fall prey to a phishing attack. It is important to know what to do so you can minimize the damage from the attack.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
An infographic showing for steps you should do after being phished
Needs Assessment and Instructional Recommendations
Learner Analysis
Proposal for a Module on Phishing, Social Engineering and Scamming
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